Words, Sans Monkeys

Apologies to all, I have been surprisingly and unexpectedly busy the last few weeks.  This weekend I'm going to dedicate all my time to getting this thing back on track.  Worry naught, next week you'll start to see the regular supply of ramblings on comics, movies, and possibly more. Truly, it's a great time to be alive.

A No-Monkey Announcement

Hey Kats -n- Kittens, I just wanted to give you guys an idea of my posting schedule. Right now, I'm looking at twice a week, probably Tuesday and Thursday. 

This coming week, I'm throwing up an essay about the Burt Reynolds' classic, White Lightning, and then I'll go on-and-on about a matter of great import, the history of Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane.  Yes, it's hard-hitting stuff.

Following that, I have things I have been writing about the retail side of the comic industry and the problems therein. Who doesn't want to read about that?